Welcome to NMJ 2023!
27th - 29th November 2023 | Leipzig | Germany

We are pleased to announce that NMJ, which was postponed in 2020, will now be held on 27th - 29th November 2023.
After the successful conferences in Nara, Japan in 2018 (NMJ 2018), Niagara Falls, Canada in 2016 (NMJ 2016), Emmetten, Switzerland in 2014 (NMJ 2014) and Beijing, China in 2012 (NMJ 2012), we invite you to the 5th NMJ in Germany. The conference provides a platform for scientific and industrial discussion and exchange in the emerging fields of nano- and microjoining technologies, as follows:

   Joining for integration of nano-/micro-scale materials and devices
   Nanojoining and microjoining for assembly of implantable medical devices
   Method development for nano-/micro-joint characterization
   Mechanisms and materials science of nanojoining and microjoining
   Process issues in nanojoining and microjoining

General Background

Key technologies in the fields of e.g. micro-electronics, medical implants, sensing devices and packaging have an urgent need for advanced joining technologies to integrate, package and assemble nano- and micro-scale materials and components at ever-lower temperatures. While microjoining has already become one of the most critical technical prerequisites in the manufacturing of micro-devices and micro-systems, many technological advancements are still needed to allow faster and more reliable fabrication, continuing miniaturization and further cost reduction. The field of nanojoining is also evolving rapidly and is expected to become a key technology for the large-scale production and commercial application of nano-devices and nano-systems in the coming decades.

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